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We are back with hybrid online / in person meeting at Maker Nexus in Sunnyvale 

NOQRTRCTF - Saturday November 9th - 11am - 6pm PST

A hacking competition based on real life scenarios including state sponsor, APT tools, where players are faced with realistic scenarios and with the possibility of performing real target exploitation. BUY TICKETS

Lock picking Village - Saturday November 9th - 11am - 6pm PST

Come join and learn the art of picking locks and physical security.



- Getting Started with SKADI - By Alan Orlikoski - Saturday Nov 9 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

Security teams and those trying to get into DFIR share a common problem: finding a DFIR platform that enablesthe quick and easy collection, processing and analysis of data from MacOS, Linux, and Windows endpoints. One
platform where all the components work together seamlessly, requires little training to setup, and can run onWindows, Linux, MacOS, on a student’s laptop, a server, or in the Cloud. Skadi is an Open Source DFIR solution that
combines CDQR, CyberChef, CyLR, Plaso, Yeti, ElasticSearch, Kibana, TimeSketch, Grafana, and Portainer into aturn-key DFIR experience.

This workshop will teach the participant how to use the Skadi platform to collect artifacts from endpoints usingCyLR, process it with CDQR and then analyze it in Kibana and TimeSketch. It will cover how to use the tools
provided in Skadi to aid in investigations.

Skadi is comprised of 22 Docker containers and the course will include how to make changes to them, how toupgrade components in the docker-compose.yml, and how to run Skadi on any OS that has Docker installed. This is
facilitated by using the built in Docker monitoring and management Web UI and CLI tools.

Attendees will take away the following from this workshop
- A basic understanding of The Skadi DFIR solution tool stackDocker and the Skadi containers
-  Knowledge of how to install Skadi using Docker and the VirtualBox OVA
- How to do a standard collection using CyLR
- How to process that data using CDQR into Kibana and TimeSketch
- Viewing the data with Kibana and TimeSketch
- How to use the various components in Skadi to aid in management and investigations


"Deep Dive into AWS - Amit Sarkar - Saturday Nov 9th 2:00PM -4:00PM

I will discuss everything you need to know about AWS. I will show you how to write cloud formation code and automate the entire deployment process using cloud formation template. 
I will show a live demo on the followings: Live demo on how to set up a server and deploy a full-fledged web application using the command line.
Live demo on how to set up servers and deploy a full-fledged web application using bash script.
Live demo on how to set up the network (VPC) and set up servers within the vpc and presentation on a three-tier architecture. 
Live demo on how to set up load balancing and servers one in USA and others in Europe & Asia and integrate with Route 53 (AWS DNS) and discussion on setting up global infrastructure.  

Live demo on how to set up Database and deploy a full-fledged web application. 
Live demo on how to how to write cloud formation code and create a VPC and deploy a full-fledged web application just with code for complete automation. 
Exam tips and how to pass on 1st attempt."

Instructor Bio
Amit Sarkar has over 20 years of experience in Aerospace engineering, Cloud program management, Product development, Project management & Software development.
For the past 15 years, Amit  worked literally as a hub of the software development process, making sure the right people are given the right information to do their jobs. As a program director, he was responsible for customers’ success on the AWS platform. This is largely a customer-facing role with a strong technical angle, including both hands-on and higher-level architecture and thought leadership components. As a result, he successfully developed many web application/ mobile app products.
Amit has a bachelor degree in Aeronautical engineering and MBA in systems.  He is an  AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified Solution Architect, Google Cloud Certified - Google Associate Cloud Engineer, Certified Scrum Master and PMI Certified Project Manager (PMP).