Anthony K Giandomenico

Anthony has over 30 years comprehensive experience as an Executive, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Security Consultant for companies within information security across all industries. In his current position at Fortinet he leads a team of security analysis and researchers responsible for rapid response to emerging threats and proactivity discovering new threats in an effort to update customers both internal and external on the latest adversary tactics and techniques. 

He has presented, trained and mentored on various security concepts and strategies at many conferences such as Gartner Security Summit, HIMSS15 and ISMG Breach Summit and media outlets including a weekly appearance on KHON2-TV morning news “Tech Buzz” segment and Technology News Bytes on OC16, providing monthly security advice.

Chris Cochran & Ron Eddings

Chris Cochran is former active duty US Marine Intelligence. He currently leads the threat intelligence and operations program at Netflix. He has led intelligence programs at the National Security Agency, US Cyber Command, US House of Representatives, financial, and high-tech sector companies.

Ronald Eddings is a Silicon Valley based cybersecurity expert, blogger and digital nomad whose ingenuity, dedication, and ambition have earned him a reputation as a trusted industry leader.


Lan Jenson

Lan Jenson is the CEO of Adaptable Security Corp (ADA for short), a nonprofit matching cybersecurity and privacy experts to smaller businesses, governments and people’s needs. ADA accomplishes its goals in partnership with governments such as NIST, DHS, City of San Jose, professional and civic organizations such as ISC2, PCI, Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), SVCTBA and SBDC Silicon Valley. Lan Jenson has extensive policy experience in government, nonprofit and private sectors. Lan currently serves as co-chair of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisory Committee for NIST/DHS Smart Secure Cities and Communities Challenge. Lan is also a board member with ISC2 Silicon Valley Chapter. As a certified information security professional (CISSP) since 2009, Ms. Jenson has led many risk management, policy and compliance initiatives in cybersecurity.

Her analysis enabled the Secret Service to arrest hackers. Lan Jenson advanced to leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies including FM Global, Charles Schwab and Cisco Systems. Throughout her career, Lan Jenson has been a faithful champion of the cause best summarized by Thomas Jefferson, “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate power of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise that control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not take it from them, but to inform their discretion.” As Founder and CEO of The Flatter World Scholarship, Ms. Jenson pioneered a model that has helped thousands of high school students pursue education instead of dropping out of school. Lan Jenson received her Master’s in Management of Information Systems from Boston University.