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The Supporter Badge

Grizzly bears often evoke a variety of perceptions and emotions among people, and opinions can vary depending on cultural, geographical, and personal perspectives. Public opinions on hackers varies based on cultural, geographical, and personal perspectives. We can be seen as the most dangerous or helpful people. Also, these bears are intelligent, open backdoors to get food and think outside the box and they are located across the Pacific.3

1.     Strength and Power: Hackers have a lot of strength; our knowledge makes us powerful. We can defend ourselves and the people around us; we are protectors by nature. 

2.     Wilderness and Natural Beauty: We are wild, but we are diverse. 

3.     Danger and Fear: We can be seen as dangerous, but others might see us as Teddy Bears, not in a hazardous way. 

4.     Native American and Indigenous Culture: This means, “We are the people” and “We are hackers.” We represent strength, wisdom, and connection to the world “hack the planet.”

Color of Badge Represents.

  • Bear - Strength, Power, Natural Beauty.

  • Bow – Women in the Industry.

  • Red & Black Bow - Red Teams and Black Hats - aggressive / Attack & Offensive.

  • Blue jacket - Defenders, Protectors.

  • Purple Headphones – Purple Teams.

  • Mountains in Grey - The mix of all-white and black hat hackers (aka gray hats)

  • White Snow - Tip of the climb / ethical hacking, we are on top, we are bringing peace to the world by conducting hacktivism operations.

  • Turquoise of the Glasses - clarity of thought and communication, recharging, replenishing.

  • Rainbow - unity in all we do, support of the LGBTQ+ Community.

Technical Specs & CTF

For more information visit the maker's website


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