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Regina "Luhlzy" Grogan, Fighting for online security one day at a time and one application at a time

About Regina
Regina Grogan is a trailblazing expert in the realms of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence. With an unwavering commitment to making the digital and physical worlds safer, she has become a driving force behind empowering women.

Cybersecurity and Physical Security Expertise:
With over a decade of experience in the cybersecurity and physical security industries, Regina has honed her expertise in crafting robust defense strategies against ever-evolving digital threats and physical vulnerabilities. From identifying network vulnerabilities to implementing state-of-the-art threat detection and identity management, her proficiency spans both the virtual and real-world landscapes.

Advocacy for Women in Tech:
Regina is passionate about breaking gender barriers in technology. As a strong advocate for women and non-binary individuals in tech, she actively participates in initiatives to encourage and mentor aspiring female identifying professionals. Through workshops, conferences, and networking events, she empowers women to pursue careers in cybersecurity, physical security, and AI technology, challenging stereotypes and fostering a more diverse and inclusive industry.



Security is about: “What are you willing to do?” to protect yourself. In my personal experience of living in the worst neighborhoods (North Las Vegas, NV; Mott Haven, Bronx, NY) in America as a hard drug addict (now 10 years clean), my eyes are open to all kinds of security concerns. Now, as a cybersecurity professional, I In this talk, I am going to show you how to apply zero-trust security to your IRL life.

Threats to your physical safety are not always blatant - many times, they are covert, and organized. In this talk, I will discuss:

Common Physical scam/crime techniques, that lots of “security” experts even fall for
Why crime strongly relies on inequality to exist, and how we can reduce future crime
Why a strong power imbalance is happening between you and the criminal, in their favor

Learning objectives:
How to increase personal awareness of physical threats
Spotting surveillance when you don’t know you’re being watched
Spotting covert and implied threats in conversation, determining someone’s true intentions with you
Why you’re just like them, but with better impulse control

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