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Sponsorship Opportunities:

We invite your organization to become a sponsor for the Pacific Hackers Conference and align your brand with the pioneering spirit of Pacific Hackers. This is a unique opportunity for your company to gain significant visibility and engagement with a targeted audience of security professionals, researchers, and decision-makers. This is an invaluable chance to gain deep visibility and active engagement with a select audience in the security realm.

Sponsorship Tiers:
  • Platinum Sponsor 

  • Gold Sponsor 

  • Silver Sponsor 

  • Bronze Sponsor 

  • Supporter 

  • Custom Sponsorship

Sponsors Additional Opportunities:
  • Capture The Flag (CTF) Sponsor 

  • Coffee & Code Break Sponsor

  • Happy Hour Sponsor 

  • Food Sponsor 

Benefits of Sponsorship:
  • Doing Business: Your partnership with the Pacific Hackers Conference provides an exceptional platform for boosting sales, reaching potential customers, and strengthening relationships with existing clients.

  • Reach New Horizons: Connect with new target groups and potential cooperation partners. The Pacific Hackers Conference is a hub for experts, enthusiasts, and industry leaders from various backgrounds, expanding your horizons.

  • Showcase Your Brand: Powerfully display your company's presence. By sponsoring our conference, you build trust within the community, retain customer loyalty, and set your brand as a beacon of reliability.

  • Demonstrate Strength: Showcase your brand's strength and significance in cybersecurity. A partnership with us reflects your dedication to and prominence in the field.

  • Market Share Acquisition: Our platform provides an unmatched opportunity to increase your market share in the security realm. Leverage the conference's reputation to establish your brand further.

  • Networking: Personal connections remain one of the most potent tools in business. Utilize the Pacific Hackers Conference as a door opener, making valuable industry contacts and collaborations.

  • Product Feedback: Gain invaluable, direct feedback on your offerings. Interact with users, experts, and potential customers to understand their perspectives and improve your solutions.

Pacific Hackers Association 501(c)(3) is dependent on your support to educate and elevate the cybersecurity community. We appreciate your partnership and could not do it without you.

Please contact us at; we look forward to your support.

"Alone We Are STRONG. Together We Are UNSTOPPABLE!” - Jen Winters, COO

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